Developing a beautiful singing voice is an extremely rewarding process, and it can be a fantastic journey of self-discovery as well!  Nothing gives one more pleasure and sense of accomplishment as a singer than delivering a great vocal performance.

I can't wait to share the 30+ years of experience and knowledge that I've gained as a professional singer/songwriter, session vocalist, record label executive, and voice instructor with you. My goal is to help you build, strengthen, use, and maintain a voice that is vibrant, healthy, powerful and unique!

I am not your average voice teacher. I am a technique and strength coach, a voice builder. In other words, I'm more focused on the HOW of singing than the WHAT.

Singing is an athletic event, so we will train like athletes.

Learning to sing is similar to learning many other athletic disciplines. It is built upon many natural processes that form the foundation. Things like posture and proper breathing are two of the first processes that will be addressed. We will focus on these processes and fine-tune them, and in a lot of ways, supercharge them! Once you have built a strong foundation, you will be freer to work on building your own voice and style.


I will accept most students from the age of 10 years and above.  


How does your service stand out?

I am a voice builder. Using the latest scientifically proven techniques, I help the singer develop a strong foundation for great singing as opposed to just blindly leading them through endless scales that have no meaning, or results. I'm also a working singer, so I know first-hand, the many challenges that a singer faces one a daily basis!

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love helping singers become the best version of themselves possible! I approach every singer with the same dedication and passion. It doesn't matter whether they are a seasoned pro, or just like to let it all hang out on Karaoke night, I am your biggest fan!




  1. To GIVE the finest vocal information and training to singers and speakers worldwide.
  2. To DEDICATE my heart, soul, strength, and mind to the craft and calling of Voice Teaching.
  3. To SERVE artists seeking to develop careers in the recording, theatre, and entertainment industries. Also, to serve those seeking vocal training for personal, spiritual, and artistic growth.
  4. To CREATE an environment where the emotional, artistic, and inner journey of every individual can reach its fullest expression alongside their vocal journey.
  5. To LEARN continually by remaining perennial students of the voice and staying on the cutting edge of vocal science, vocal pedagogy, and industry trends.
  6. To INSPIRE any singer from anywhere to know that they CAN indeed sing well, despite what they have been told or have believed




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