Vegas Voice Lessons


Developing a beautiful singing voice is an extremely rewarding process, and it can be a fantastic journey of self-discovery as well!  Nothing gives a singer young, or old more pleasure and sense of accomplishment than learning how to effortlessly bridge from the chest voice to the head voice with a seamless tone, and to sing with real confidence, stamina and endurance.  All of these things and many more, come from building a strong foundation and a basic understanding of how we use our bodies and the specific physical processes involved in the creation of an awesome singing voice.

I can't wait to share my 40 years of experience and knowledge that I've gained as a professional singer/songwriter, session vocalist, and voice instructor with you. My goal is to help you build, strengthen, use, and maintain a voice that is vibrant, healthy, powerful and unique!




Singing is an athletic event, so we will train like vocal athletes.

Learning to sing is a skill. Like many other athletic disciplines, singing is built upon many internal as well as external processes that form a foundation. Things like posture and proper breathing are two of the very first processes that will be addressed. I truly believe that our body as a whole is our instrument. So a good level of physical fitness is also necessary to get the most out of your training. We will focus on these processes and fine-tune them, and in a lot of ways, supercharge them! Once you have built a strong foundation, you will be freer to work on building your own voice and style.

The method I have endorsed, trained with and taught for the last 10 years was developed by my friend and mentor ROBERT LUNTE and THE VOCALIST STUDIO (TVS). Over the years he has developed one of the most cutting-edge vocal methodologies available.

* Purchasing the "Four Pillars of Singing" by Robert would be the ULTIMATE addition to your training with me! Get it today!


Here are some of the things that will be addressed when training with me:

  • Seamless Bridging of the chest & head voice for incredible range and freedom from straining. NEVER AGAIN, have any problems with pushing, squeezing or limited vocal range!
  • Replace Falsetto (windy) vocal sounds in the head voice with a full and convincing sound.
  • Learn how to produce vocal distortion (rasp) without damaging your voice while sounding incredible.
  • Learn how to command and control the acoustics of your singing; vowel modification, resonance, formants and sound colours to gain an advantage by really understanding how the acoustics of singing works.
  • Learn vocal modes; physical and acoustic vocal modes that remove the mystery of how the singing voice works and empowers the singer to have more command and control over their singing as an artist.
  • Learn the importance of onsets in training and singing. The way any singing or training note begins will greatly influence the result of everything that follows until the singer takes another breath. No other vocal training method offers a full understanding of how vocal onsets can rapidly accelerate your physical strength and coordination for singing. TVS offers the most comprehensive understanding of vocal onsets and what they can do for singers.




I will accept most students from the age of 10 years and above.  

How does your service stand out?

I train vocal champions using a cutting-edge voice methodology integrated with a physical fitness track designed to support the vocal athlete. I am also a former celebrity Judo/Self-defence instructor. I assist the vocal athletes in developing a strong foundation not only for great singing but for life.

What do you enjoy about the work you do?

I love helping singers become the best version of themselves possible! I approach every singer with the same dedication and passion. It doesn't matter whether they are a seasoned pro, or just like to let it all hang out on Karaoke night, I am your biggest fan!





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