Vegas Voice Lessons

Veteran vocalist Shaun Williamson has enjoyed a fantastic and diverse career in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years. He began his professional singing career in 1979-80 at the tender age of fourteen singing with much older, seasoned Southern Rock bar bands in the Richmond, Virginia area. He says that it was truly amazing, and a blessing that the musicians accepted him and that he was never kicked out of the bars for being underage!

He moved back to his home State of Florida in 1982 where he continued to play with various bands on the Gulf coast. In 1984 he moved to Atlanta, Geargia with his drummer friend J.T Williams to follow their Rock n Roll dreams, but only after a short detour to South Florida where they both almost starved to death. 

They both joined a professional touring cover band in Atlanta called KAMA. They had a big truck loaded with P.A, lighting, staging, the works, and a booking agency that booked them in most of the “A” list clubs up and down the East coast. They developed a great following over the next few years playing all of the current 80’s rock hits to precision. This is where he really started developing his own style and persona.

In 1987 he signed on as the lead singer for legendary Southern Rock hit -makers "The Atlanta Rhythm Section". Their hits "So Into You", "Spooky", and "Imaginary Lover", made "ARS" a staple of late 70's radio. This exposed him to a massive audience and he used his new position to secure work as a session singer as well. His powerful, soulful voice went on to be featured on countless recordings from some of the worlds greatest artists such as James Brown,The Moody Blues, to National jingles for The Atlanta Falcons,The Atlanta Braves, as well as commercials for Miller beer,Mercedes Benz and many more.

After his tenure was over with ARS, Shaun went to Germany to visit his parents that were over there working for the military. After they left a short time later, he ended up staying... for the next twelve years! He joined a famous cover/original band called BREAKPOINT that played all over Europe mainly for the US Military clubs.

The band performed six nights a week and played six 45 minute sets every night. The money was great, but after a couple of years he decided that he didn’t want to kill his voice (and his liver) singing covers and keeping up with the bands rigorous schedule and party lifestyle, so in 1991he joined an original band from the Black Forest that he later named BACKBONE SLIDE.

In 1992,BACKBONE SLIDE signed a deal with Mausoleum records, a popular heavy rock/metal label and toured the U.K and most of Europe with bands like THE RIVERDOGS. In 1993, after sitting on the album for a year, the label finally released their debut album to very encouraging reviews. They were managed by Legendary ROLLING STONES managerANDREW LOOG OLDHAM who believed this band to be the next SMALL FACES, everything looked promising for the young group. 

Unfortunately for the band, this was around the same time Grunge was setting the world on fire, so despite the juice, the band finally broke up. Shaun’s Sister Shelly Bonet, also a fantastic singer, joined for the last tour (the two would continue to work together in the near future).

So, instead of putting on a flannel shirt and feigning depression, he decided to get back to his roots and joined his favorite German blues band called THE SUNNYLAND BLUESBAND from Wiesbaden, Germany. The band had already been together for many years and had a solid fan base. Shortly after Shaun joined they were signed to a record deal with INAKUSTIC, GmbH, a boutique Jazz and Blues label. The band released three albums and toured throughout Europe. Shaun’s Sister Shelly shared the lead vocal duties with him and the two became a true powerhouse duo. The band had a great run,winning many blues awards and playing with their musical heroes like B.B KING, THE FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, JOHNNY WINTER, and many more, but sadly, once again, disbanded.

In 2001,he moved to Montgomery, Alabama to finish up some schooling when he learned through a friend in Muscle Shoals, Alabama about a Canadian band that played with Paul Rodgers as his backup band looking for a singer for their original band KING KARMA. Original “SwamperJIMMY JOHNSON was to produce the album. He sent Jimmy and the band a demo and received a call from Jimmy Johnson telling him that he was the one, and the band flew him to Vancouver to start working on the band’s debut!

In 2002 he co-founded Centurion Records in Vancouver, Canada with his band mates and a business savvy friend. The label secured distribution with Universal Music Group in Canada, Mausoleum picked up the album in Europe, and RYKO in the United States, but despite having a fantastic album, and sharp live shows, the band couldn’t gather enough momentum and finally called it a day. Two members of the band are still playing with the PAUL RODGERS BAND, and BAD COMPANY.

By 2008, he was living back in Florida looking for his next project. It didn't take long, as he was hired on as the featured vocalist alongsideCHUCK NEGRON fromTHREE DOG NIGHT in an touring arena show, an extravaganza with a band and full orchestra called "FLASHBACK! THE CLASSIC ROCK EXPERIENCE". This multi-million dollar production based out of Savannah, Georgia was simply incredible from a musical, and visual perspective. They show had an amazing sound and light show that blew away any production, anywhere at the time. 

The band, singers, and orchestra were amazing, however the production from a marketing perspective was a disaster. The show was eventually crushed under its own weight, and just like that, all the musicians and crew were sent home.

Shaun and his Wife were left instantly homeless. Most everyone in the band lived in Los Angeles, so across the Country to L.A they went. He spent the first couple of years teaching private martial arts lessons to celebrites and their kids in Malibu to make ends meet. 

He had already established his reputation as one of the best vocal teachers around, so once he started setting up his Voice Teaching business it didn't take long for his client list to include rock and soul icons like GLENN HUGHES of DEEP PURPLE, and MOTOWN great BILLY GRIFFIN of THE MIRACLES.

With these new connections, it didn't take long before he was back doing session work for various producers in town and ended up working as head of Artist Development for a small label with the Universal Music Group. He helped sign, and hoped to develop young artists into the best versions of themselves possible.

He moved to Las Vegas in 2014 to explore new opportunities. He has a thriving Voice teaching business called VEGAS VOICE LESSONS and is one of the top voice coaches in town. He is also singing with his Sister again. They are currently recording songs for a new album with their band MPG (Mitch Perry Group) based out of Los Angeles, California.