Vegas Voice Lessons

Our 9 year old daughter, Cassandra has been taking voice lessons for 5 months and we are very pleased with the results. Shaun is very patient and great at explaining the techniques he is trying to teach. His industry experience and knowledge is great because he is one of the few teachers that have been on the BIG STAGE and can teach from actual experience. I would highly recommend Shaun for voice lessons! - Terry Kliewer (Las Vegas, NV)

Shaun is a true professional. I wanted to take up singing as a hobby again after many years away from it. He was patient and purposeful in guiding me to work towards a higher level of vocalization. On top of that, it was fun! I highly recommend Shaun!- Julie Graham (Pacific Palisades, CA)

I've had the great privilege to work with Shaun throughout my singing career. He's one the best vocalists out there. He's very accomplished in the art of singing. He's toured extensively and has made records so He has first hand understanding for what you might need in any vocal situation! He brings out the best by expanding your talents and confidence and teaches you how to keep your voice healthy in the process!- Shelly Bonet (Muscle Shoals,AL)

I used to be scared to sing. One day while working working near Hollywood, I saw an extremely famous rock star coming out of a studio. He had been taking vocal lessons from Shaun. (Later I saw him training many vocalists for tv and music)

I built my courage and took my first lesson. I really appreciated his gentle approach full of the scientific reasons for each thing we did. His teaching is inspirational and full of little hints that only years of experience can bring.

Although I am a guitar player, I now sing in all my bands. My metal band has me do many of the highest screams.
Shaun changed my life.

Don't fool around. Get the best training from the best instructor. It will change your life!- Brett Baugh (Los Angeles, CA)

Shaun is a terrific Vocal Coach! He has been coaching my daughter Shaolin for months now, and I couldn't be happier with her improvement! From her first session with him I noticed improvement!! He's the best in the business, work with Shaun and you will be so happy you did!- Dewey Cooper (Las Vegas, NV)

I highly recommend Shaun. He's an excellent and committed vocal tutor!- Karen Linker (Hong Kong)