Elite Voice Training is proud to be a West Coast distributor for the amazing SUPERIOR VOCAL HEALTH line of products! 


Throat saver is an original formula created to help sore and dry throats and may boost the immune system. It is designed to help remove excess mucus and debris from the throat and vocal cords, that can accumulate due to post nasal drip and infection, promote the reduction of swelling and inflammation of the throat and cords, and help with dry mouth syndrome due to reduced saliva flow in the mouth by helping to keep the salivary glands active.

EVT Price $24.95 (10% discount for current students!)


Vocal Rescue is a time-tested blend of more than 10 different vocal restoring herbs. It has saved many from an embarrassing situation when they found that their voice was not up to full function and the performance was a short time away. Vocal Rescue is an easy to use gargle that helps to coat and restore the throat and vocal cords due to excessive use, tiredness, and/or a sore throat due to colds, laryngitis and tonsillitis. It's effectiveness when used for throat and vocal repair is very promising.

EVT Price $24.95  (10% discount for current students!)


"MEET YOUR NEW NETI POT"! Sinus Cleanse is the first of its kind,
Nasal Spray. This new formula from SVH may have an immediate, dramatic and direct impact on the Sinuses. It was created for intense, as well as common issues voice professionals and consumers have to deal with, such as Allergies, colds and flu congestion, dry Sinuses and Nasal passages and to help prevent as well as combat Sinus and Nasal infections.

EVT Price $29.95  (10% discount for current students!)

The Trifecta!

Superior Vocal Health Three Pack Vocal Maintenance Kit - Throat Saver Rapid Response Throat Spray, Sinus Cleanse Nasal Spray, and Vocal Rescue Gargle.

EVT Price $75.00 (10% discount for current students!)